Real financial planning

for Solo & Small Business Owners

From seasoned business owners to freelancers just hitting their stride, we help transform your financial assumptions into facts

Our Process

We believe process is key to building a robust financial strategy. We combine best practices from the military and financial planning worlds to create a comprehensive system with your unique needs at its core.



We’ll get to know each other better through a series of conversations. Ultimately, we want to build trust with each other and learn if we are a fit to work together.



We dive deep into learning about you – your goals, values, and aspirations. We gather all the raw data we’ll use later to develop your tailored strategy.



We’ll take all we’ve learned about you and develop a tailored wealth strategy through our comprehensive financial planning process.



Once you approve your strategy, we’ll implement it and set up our ongoing communication process. We continuously update and refine your strategy as your life changes.

Fee-only Financial Planning

Everybody should have access to high quality financial planning. We’ve structured our firm so you can access our financial planning services no matter your net worth.

Who We Work With

Solo Business Owners & 1099 Independent Contractors

It can be lonely as a solo business owner when everything falls on your shoulders. Let’s team up to better align your business and personal capital.

Small Business Owners

Whether you have 1 or 1,000 employees, we can help ensure you have a robust financial process in place helping you achieve your dreams.

Active Duty Military & Veterans

Being Veterans ourselves, we have an understanding of what it means to serve. Let us serve you by helping you attain the financial future you deserve. 

What We’re Thinking

Do financial advisors hate permanent life insurance?

It may seem like financial advisors and financial planners hate permanent life insurance. Is that really the case or is there more to the story?

Just buy an S&P 500 index fund?

Should you only buy an S&P 500 index fund and call it a day? It might seem like it, given that the index comprises roughly the 500 largest US companies by market capitalization. However, simply owning an S&P 500 index fund may open you up to risks you’re unaware of or overlooking.

What the M4 Sherman can teach us about personal finance

What can we learn about financial planning from the most effective tank of World War 2? It may seem silly, but a good financial plan has a lot in common with the M4 Sherman.

Should your financial planner be an expert in all things financial?

Back during my Army days, I attended the Field Artillery Captains Career Course for 6 months in lovely Fort Sill, Oklahoma. On the third day of the course we were issued over 110 pounds of field manuals covering all things field artillery and combined arms operations....

What should you do with your old 401(k)?

There are over $1.6 TRILLION in forgotten about and inactive 401(k) accounts in the United States. So, if you’re one of the 29 million owners of these accounts, what should you do?

Does sequence of return risk matter?

Yes, sequence of returns do matter!!!

Adding more nuance from my previous video criticizing Dave Ramsey’s 8% safe withdrawal rate in retirement.

Dave’s Dangerous Rant | Does an 8% safe withdrawal rate make sense?

Dave Ramsey favors an 8% safe withdrawal rate in retirement. Does that make sense? Let’s discuss.

Should you seek the highest possible investment returns?

Should you try and get the highest possible investment returns year after year? It may seem like a good idea on the surface but that approach can be fraught with peril…

Who should you listen to for financial advice?

People are always will to give you advice. When it comes to your finances, you probably have plenty of people telling what you should or shouldn't do. So, who should you listen to? Watch below to learn more!

What to do with that big commission check?

You closed that 7-figure listing. Your seller got what the price they wanted and the buyer was ecstatic to get exactly what they were looking for. Everybody is happy. There’s only one problem. Now you have a large commission check coming your way and you aren’t sure...

Frequently Asked Questions

How are you compensated?

Vanir Wealth Strategies is a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor. We do not receive commissions or kickbacks for the sale or recommendation of any financial product. Bottom line – our only compensation comes from our clients. 

Are you a fiduciary?

Yep. We are legally and ethically obligated to place the best interest of our clients ahead of our own.

What is a wealth strategy?

It’s a fancy name for our financial planning process. By combining best practices from the financial planning world and the U.S. Army’s “Military Decision Making Process,” we create an iterative process that allows for the flexibility necessary to adapt to inevitable changes in your life. 

Do I have to move all my investment accounts to work with you?

Nope. Investments are only one part of a well-honed financial plan. We’re able to serve as your advisor whether you decide to invest with us or not. That’s the beauty of our model – flexibility.