Foundations Wayfinder

Feel financially lost or overwhelmed? We can help point the way to financial freedom

The Foundations Wayfinder program is designed for business owners and professionals that understand they need to get serious about their financial future, but hesitate at the time and effort it takes to go through a months-long financial planning process.

It provides a streamlined, virtual financial planning experience with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ that specializes in solving your financial problems.

How does it work?

Phase I – Complete the application

To get started, you’ll need to fill out the form below. This will provide the information we need to begin our relationship and begin your financial planning process.

Upon review of your application, we’ll contact you to establish a communication plan and enter into our planning relationship.

Phase II – Build your financial profile

Upon establishing our relationship, we’ll send you a confirmation email with a link to create your financial planning profile.

We use RightCapital as our preferred financial planning software.

Once your profile is complete, you will input your financial information into the system and upload relevant financial documents through the Vault.

Phase III – Review and analyze your information

After you complete your profile, we’ll analyze your information and begin putting together your preliminary plan.

Once complete, we’ll conduct a virtual meeting to review your preliminary plan and answer your questions.

Phase IV – Final plan delivery

After our meeting, we’ll complete your financial plan and deliver it to you. Typical delivery occurs about a week after our virtual meeting.

The plan will be delivered in two parts: a one page Executive Summary (EXSUM) and the Full Financial Plan.

You’ll then begin walking the path we’ve illuminated during the program.

An actionable plan built around core financial planning conepts

🎯Financial Goal Setting🎯

Before we can chart an effective path, we must first clarify your destination and your actual starting point. Only then can we create a useful Wayfinder to light your path. 

💲Cash Flow Management💲

The key to building wealth is understanding your monthly money inflows and outflows. Our system helps you build that understanding in whatever manner you find most understandable.

📊Investment Strategies📊

An effective investment strategy can be the difference between building a 7-figure or 8-figure net worth. We’ll help you create an investment strategy that aligns to your goals without losing sleep at night.

💸Tax Optimization Strategies💸

Whether you’re a business owner or a W-2 employee, there are often opportunities to reduce your taxes. We’ll help you build a strategy that doesn’t just reduce your taxes this year, but optimzes them over the course of your life.

💳Debt Strategies💳

Debt can be useful in building wealth, but it can also destroy it if not properly managed. We’ll help you understand your situation and how to best reduce or eliminate your debt (mortgage, credit card, student loan, etc.).

👀Risk & Insurance👀

Lack of proper insurance coverage routinely creates unseen risks. We’ll help you uncover any shortcomings and provide recommendations to mitigate them. Since we don’t sell insurance products, we’ll connect you with a trusted agent that can fulfill your needs.

An actionable plan to begin achieving financial freedom – for one flat fee


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